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Margi Ross. Leading expert on The Conscious Feminine.

Lasting change

Are you looking for a new way to improve professional relationships, teamwork and performance? Margi Ross's work is with the Conscious Feminine. It is what comes after Feminism.

The Feminine changes:

* How we relate to each other
* How we treat people and how they treat us
* How we think about ourselves and other people


Most women and men don’t understand how they or other people feel inside. This can result in stress, irritation, anger, argument and conflict within the workplace.


Once the Conscious Feminine is understood, the world feels different. It brings caring, compassion, kindness and common sense into conversations, emails and meetings.


The Feminine is an equal and opposite reality to the Masculine. The Conscious Feminine makes the workplace a kinder environment for everyone.

Please treat me well

People like to be treated properly. Many problems are due to emotions not being understood. The Conscious Feminine brings an understanding of feeling and emotion, so that needs are met which haven’t been met before.


We gravitate towards the things in life that we enjoy. People who do not enjoy going to work will be unproductive and they will be thinking about leaving the enterprise. This is one area where the Conscious Feminine can help.

Profound change

It can change the culture of an organisation, improve communication, enhance the way that the organisation interacts with staff, customers, members, patients, students, the general public or voters.

“Utterly brilliant. Profound information and so clear. Such enormous use and help.” ~ Jenny Glover

“I have to say how much I enjoyed listening to you. It is one thing to read it in your book but another to hear you talk about the Conscious Feminine. Thank you for creating this wonderful and explicit model.” ~ Judith Davies

Margi provides talks, in-house workshops and 1-2-1 coaching services for enterprises of all types including:

* Companies
* Government
* Hospitals and healthcare
* Police Forces
* Prisons
* Schools and Universities
* The Helping Professions
* The Legal Profession
* The NHS
* Trade Unions
* Students / young people

Margi's books include:


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