Margi Ross

What new ways are there to resolve conflict? The Feminine is the principle of relationship, of relatedness, and I offer new and exciting ways to approach conflict resolution.

So much conflict can be avoided if we obey the laws of relationship in the first place. A knowledge of the Feminine allows us to do this. It can help us understand others and so reduce the misunderstandings that so often result from a one-sided seeing.

So, I can teach new ways of seeing which can reduce tension. They are simple and they work.

The Feminine is about the laws of relationship. You can see how the demand for an understanding of relationship is foreground on every part of the world. The fate of the world and all creatures depends on this understanding.

So, with regard to solving conflict in the workplace I will give you a lot of new ideas which can help as well as dealing with any current problems you may have.

I’ve spent thousands of hours teaching and leading groups and 30 years developing this work.

I will come to your place, wherever it is, and give a talk or run a group. You can contact me on (+44) 020 8 546 0166 or Email me at

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‘Thank you so much for creating this wonderful and explicit model! Women everywhere will be grateful to you for taking the 23 years to put it together.’ .Judith Davies.

From Katrina Young. Events Co-ordinator. Dignity Champions Meeting.

‘The feedback forms have indicated that your presentation was one of the most informative and enjoyed.’