Love and Relationship in the Workplace. A Feminine Perspective.


Hi, I’m Margi Ross

My work is with supporting the Feminine in the institutions. It’s the nest stage in the development of women and the Feminine. If women don’t stand up for Feminine reality and values, the Masculine comes in and love and kindness are not held.

 Topics we can cover include:

What is relationship? How it’s come to mean a sexual relationship or a friendship. The Feminine meaning.

Relationship is now is being extended to include relationship with all life. We have to do this to survive.How do we handle this?


How a Masculine idea of love has dominated the way relationship is controlled in the workplace.


Touch and affection. With adults and children.


The importance of touch.


It’s time for feeling to be consciously held and acknowledged in the institutions. Otherwise so much damage is done.


Love is alright, so is kindness.


Keeping your end up if you’re a kind person who believes in love.


Funding for love and kindness.


The language and concepts to support love and good relationship.

I’ve spent thousands of hours teaching and leading groups and 30 years developing this work.

I will come to your place, wherever it is, and give a talk or run a group. CONTACT ME on (+44) 020 8 546 0166 or Email me at

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‘Thank you so much for creating this wonderful and explicit model! Women everywhere will be grateful to you for taking the 23 years to put it together.’ .Judith Davies.

From Katrina Young. Events Co-ordinator. Dignity Champions Meeting.

‘The feedback forms have indicated that your presentation was one of the most informative and enjoyed.’