What is the Feminine? It’s nothing to do with Feminism. Feminism says that women and men are equal, of course they are. The next stage in the development of women is to say that the Feminine is equal to the Masculine. Of course it is!

But what is the Feminine?

I went to a conference on the Feminine organised by Amnesty International in 1993. One of the questions asked was ‘what is the Feminine? When something doesn’t have a language and a conceptual framework it can’s be supported and it’s been my life’s work to start to give it both.

The soul (how any being feels inside) is supported in the Arts but not in life. The body is not supported either. The next stage in the development of the Feminine is for the soul and body to be supported in life. One of the things about the Feminine is an empathy towards how people, animals and other forms of life feel. There are sensitive men and women who care about this but it’s not part of the structures of our society. Caring, nurturing, the subtleties of human interaction, kindness, human and others species’ needs, making sure that life can live…… these are not yet seen as equal values to Masculine values within any country in the world. They have to be.

Look at the situation on a world level, re climate change and human suffering. Even if people don’t agree with Feminine values, implementing them within the institutions would save millions of lives and masses of money.

I’d love to come and help you integrate the Feminine into your work and life. I’m sure many of you are working with the issues I’ve mentioned and it would be great to meet with you.

I’ve spent thousands of hours teaching and leading groups and over 30 years developing this work.

I will come to your place, wherever it is, and give a talk or run a group. You can contact me on (044) 020 8 546 0166 or Email me at margi469@gmail.com

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‘Thank you so much for creating this wonderful and explicit model! Women everywhere will be grateful to you for taking the 23 years to put it together.’ .Judith Davies.

From Katrina Young. Events Co-ordinator. Dignity Champions Meeting.

‘The feedback forms have indicated that your presentation was one of the most informative and enjoyed.’