Courses to Support Young Women Working in the NHS

Hello, I’m Margi Ross

If you are wondering how to support young women doctors and nurses in the NHS, I can help you. There is a new spirit about and young people are demanding changes to the structures. I can help this happen smoothly because I have the language and concepts. This stops the raw anger which often results in misunderstanding and the loss of staff.

When you train as a doctor or nurse, the core training is to meet a body of scientific knowledge with the aim of healing. This body of knowledge has been carefully built up and is built on a Masculine way of seeing. Times are changing and the it’s becoming vitally important to include Feminine ways of seeing, whether that’s in a hospital, a school, anywhere. (I mean Feminine, not Feminist).

Topics will include:

Feminine ways to describe what’s going on.

The difference between feeling and emotion.

What women notice.

What do you notice?

Trusting what you see.

Trusting what you know.

What it feels like to be a young woman in the NHS. What are your needs?

I also go along with what the current need of the group are and respond to those needs.

All over the world people are demanding to be seen and most people, including young women working in the NHS, want to see people more clearly and understand how they feel inside. The Feminine gives us the words and concepts to do this. I’ve spent the past 30 years developing this work. Whether you’re in the NHS, a business or any institution, what I’m offering will make life easier for you and those you are seeking to help and it will save money!

Young women working in the NHS want us to understand their needs and they want us to care.  This will balance the body of scientific knowledge and  It will help ease stress at work and promote an easier understanding between everyone in the workplace.

When I talk to young women working in the NHS they speak to me about the need to have the concepts and language to describe the human need as well as the clinical need.  It’s time!

I’ve spent thousands of hours teaching and leading groups and 30 years developing this work.

I will come to your place, wherever it is, and give a talk or run a group. CONTACT ME on (+44) 020 8 546 0166 or Email me at

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‘Thank you so much for creating this wonderful and explicit model! Women everywhere will be grateful to you for taking the 23 years to put it together.’ .Judith Davies.

From Katrina Young. Events Co-ordinator. Dignity Champions Meeting.

‘The feedback forms have indicated that your presentation was one of the most informative and enjoyed.’